Kid'z Katch At Restaurant

Hello and welcome!  If you’re reading this, you’ve come to see what we have to offer.

To put it honesty and frankly, our #1 goal is, and has been from the start, to provide a practical, useful, and top quality product, the Kid’z Katch!,  to parents and caregivers everywhere.

Being the creator of the Kid’z Katch!, I’ve always felt that the product will speak for itself.  To me, it was such a simple solution to the frustrating problem of baby’s dropped food and items and the dreadful mealtime messes.  I used my original prototype with both of my children, and will proudly say with absolute confidence that it definitely made my daily life with a baby and toddler easier.

I was truly thankful to have it.  I even remember loaning the original out to a friend for a week for her to test, and yes, she loved it, but I what I remember most was that I wanted to ask for it back our first mealtime without it.

I’ve had to learn through the journey of being a start-up business that while some people immediately see the advantages of the Kid’z Katch!, (my personal favorite was a dad who ran across an expo floor once he saw it and simply exclaimed, “Dude!!!!”), others are just skeptical.  And I completely get you “skeptical types”, because I’m one too.  So to my fellow skeptics out there, I just want to say, “Just try it!  You’ll like it!”…wait, wasn’t that from an old cereal commercial?  Maybe I can’t legally say that…but nevertheless, that’s why we offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee.  We’re so confident that the Kid’z Katch! is going to make your life easier that you won’t want to live without it once you give it an honest try.

Yes, we have an awesome product, and we have that to offer.  But that’s not all we’d like to offer.  We have so much more!  Being parents ourselves, we have a lot of knowledge, experience, and ideas to share.  Since the Kid’z Katch! is a baby feeding accessory, well, we obviously want to offer helpful feeding tips, tricks, and recipes.  But we will also be sharing other useful information..  If we ran across a life-hack that we’ve tested and has worked for us, we will share it.  If we’ve discovered something fun to do with the kids, and we think others will enjoy it, we’ll share!   If we received a good piece of advice, we’ll share!

We actually learned about something entirely new to us from one of our wonderful Kid’z Katch! customers.  She introduced us to the concept of Baby-Led Weaning. She let us know how messy it is, and that was the reason she purchased a Kid’z Katch!  We of course were delighted to learn we could help!   We then began researching the whole Baby-Led Weaning concept, and became fascinated, then a little upset, in fact.  I really wished I would have known about it when my kids were babies.   We had a dreadful time spoon feeding both of our kids, and if I knew there was another option out there to introduce solids to my baby, I definitely would have given it a try.   Baby-Led Weaning was originated and gained a lot of popularity in the U.K., and it’s gaining more and more support in the United States.   After a great deal of research, I realized that local information and support was scarce.  The main support system for parents in the United States undergoing the journey is mostly found in Facebook groups, and many of the participants are from the U.K…who call french fries “chips” and actually have tea-time.  Much to my chagrin, I also witnessed that some Facebook threads can turn into a lot of drama, complete with moms judging and chastising other moms for doing the process wrong.  I’ve learned that there are moms that are very strict, and adhere 100% to the original Baby-Led Weaning book published by Gill Rapley, and then there are those that mix it up with a bit of spoonfeeding.  Darn you moms for having your own thoughts and ideas on how to raise your children!

So tune in here, subscribe to our newsletter, and you will get a lot of great information on Baby-Led Weaning, including perspectives from real moms in the United States that are doing it and who have “been there and done that.”.  It has been really interesting to find out what kind of support, or lack of support, these moms are getting from their spouses, parents, friends, and even pediatricians.


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